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Video and Movies
Lafon's RV Parks
are surrounded by nature.
Watch our video and check out
some of the locals. Including
deer, armadillo, humming birds,
squirrels, racoons and a
suprise visit by one of the
rarest creatures in the
Lake Lavon Area!

Try not to laugh to hard
as our webmaster attempts
to interface with the local wildlife
and learns that
wild hogs spell interface
E-N-T-E-R F-A-C-E!!!

Wild hogs in the area
are very shy and
pose no threat to humans.

Welcome to Alvin and Joann Lafon's
Online Theater
Enjoy full length feature films of rare Lake Lavon area wildlife!
"Panic in the Year Zero"
The ultimate RV Movie.
Nuclear Holocaust sends Mr. and Mrs. Lafon into the wilderness.
See how they survived using only their wits and their trusty travel trailer. 
Starring Ray Miland and
Frankie Avalon

"The Legend of Boggy Creek"
Some folks call him Sasquatch.
Some folks call him Bigfoot.
Around here we just call him Bob.
Don't be afraid, he's mostly harmless.
Watch this full length documentary 
starring Lake Lavon's own
Bob Bigfoot
on vacation in Arkansas.
Also Known As:
The Tickey Creek Terror,
The Culleoka Creature, and
The Beast of Bratonia Park

"The Giant Gila Monster"
Discovered by Mrs. Lafon back in 1954 this legendary Lake Lavon creature
was at first considered dangerous
to humans. Not any more!
Watch as Mrs. Lafon and her
teenage cohorts show this beast
who's at the top of the food chain.
Spoiler Alert:
Mrs. Lafon likes her giant gila monster served raw with
gunpowder sprinkled on it.

"Gammera The Invincible"
Mr. Lafon first encountered this
giant, fire breathing turtle while
trotline fishing on Lake Lavon.
Enjoy watching
Gammera versus Mr. Lafon
in this historical reinactment of
one of their many epic battles.

Gammera is now retired and living happily off a small fishing
near Tokyo, Japan.




Mrs. Lafon's Advice:
If you want to grow up to be big and strong.
Eat all of your Giant Gila Monster
and drink only
100% Pure Lake Lavon Wonder Water!
Mr. Lafon's Advice:
-Respect your elders.
-Keep your pocket knife sharp.
-Stay at Lafon's RV Parks
as often as you possibly can!

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When Mrs. Lafon
isn't busy making sure
Lafon's RV Parks are
the best RV Parks
in the
Dallas / Fort Worth
She likes to play pool.
Sharpen your stick and
practice up with the this
great video pool game.
If you're lucky maybe,
one day you can challenge
Mrs. Joann
"Mckinney Skinny"